Tube Train Slavey

Human Trafficking & Forced Labour is a very real and very serious problem. While global construction companies trample human rights in the name of shrewd business its all too easy for the western world to turn a blind eye. One of the largest popular culture television brands wanted to tackle the issue head on and raise awareness about it. The idea was "this stuff actually happens - what if this disgusting practice was regarded as legally, morally & socially acceptable?". And so the campaign featured a spoof news report talking about human slaves as a white-market commodity, and also there was fake degraded footage, (as if captured by someones cell-phone camera,) of the two business men talking about their exploits in human trafficking in a casual everyday manner on the london underground. Filming on the London Underground comes with its own sets of challenges and we had an escort from the London Transport Authority to ensure the smooth running of the shoot.

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