Florist Online Television Commercial Style Campaign

This campaign is designed to attract attention by being immediately visually exciting. Also the theme is set above reality featuring superheroes to retain interest.

In this case study we look at how we were able to quickly and effectively disseminate complex brand messaging. By using online video we were able to simultaneously deliver the sales message by voice-over, while in editing we were able to speed up and condense weeks of crop growth into a matter of minutes and seconds.

Have a look at the ”Work In Progress“ Edit of the video below.

This campaign is introducing a web application for the customer to enter their important dates in order for the Florist to be able to make an offer. Because we need time for the prospect to first consider, then envisage actually using this service, we need to hold the interest by interspersing brand messaging with ”Attention Resets“.

In the Making Of documentary below we talk about the strategies we will employ to ensure this happens and the campaign is a success.

Have a look at the ”Work In Progress“ Edit of the video below.


It is important that the messaging is reinforced and we have consistent branding throughout the indoctrination process. We use the names of the characters from the commercial throughout the various stages of the funnel. Check out the landing page the visitor will land on if they express interest and follow the Video advert's call to action below.

Landing Page

After journeying past the opt-in, we continue to use the theme of combatting evil forgetfulness throughout the subsequent stages. Try signing up to the offer and you will see what we mean in our subsequent communications. Stay tuned for a full run down of how this marketing funnel works as we introduce the back-end strategy and technologies that are used to automate this process.

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